The Stove Installer


Recent installation in Kirkintilloch

Here’s the results of our project in Kirkintilloch today with stunning results. A more than happy (and toastie) customer with aesthetic, practical, real wood burning stoves we are here to help you to make your home cosier. With just one phone call we will install the fireplace of your dreams.

Christmas time!

Last year we caught Santa trying to come down the chimney! Let us know if you see any suspicious red men travelling down chimneys this winter. Just a reminder that Santa and his team at The Stove Installer are just a phone call away so if you want a toasty warm Christmas look no further […]

New fireplace in Stewarton

Remember the old school house in Stewarton? Another nice install completed by The Stove Installer. Happy and cosy customers are what we aim for at The Stove Installer.  

Safety First!

Safety comes first! Here at The Stove Installer we can help you, no matter the height! So take your step ladders down and helmets off and ring 07768 064445 to save yourself the time and effort!

Warm up your home

Here is one of our stoves set up by our team at The Stove Installer. If you think your home could look or feel more homely with our stoves contact us by phone on 07768 064445

Get ready for the holidays

Looking forward to winter celebrations? What better way to spend the holidays than around a toasting fireplace with friends or family! Here at The Stove Installer we have a selection of stoves and experts that can install your stove into your fireplace.

Don’t risk it. Call The Stove Installer

Not mentally prepared to clamber rooftop to install your furnace? Over at The Stove Installer our workers are experienced and fearless, no matter the height! Our workers are well trained so you don’t have to be an expert in D.I.Y. or risk the roofs, just give us a ring at 07768 064445 and we will […]